Van Don is blessed with mountains, the scenery with rich flora and fauna. All make a great experience for tourists in Van Don


With beautiful long coastline, Van Don is gifted with the excellent source of seafood. Seafood is considered “difficult to resist” of Van Don cuisine. In addition, visitors can enjoy many other dishes and specialties of Quang Ninh province

Fully Enjoy

Destination #1

Located on the banks of the beautiful Bai Tu Long Bay, Bai Dai beach stretches for nearly 2km, with soft sandy beach and crystal clear see-through water. Staying here for the summer, travelers can stroll along the beach to listen to the sounds of the waves and watch the scenery of Bai Tu Long Bay

Destination #2

Cua Ong Temple is in Cua Ong ward, Cam Pha city, Quang Ninh. The temple is the place to worship Hưng Nhượng Đại Vương Trần Quốc Tảng and other famous people in the Tran dynasty

Destination #3

Bai Tu Long Bay imprints the culture of Ha Long thousands years ago and keeps the original integrity of an archipelago. With beautiful islands and long white sand beach, a beautiful bay is created beautifully in the eyes of visitors.

Luxury Vacation

Explore the resort paradise at Sonasea Van Don Harbor City with the best service. Comfortably choose one of many famous hotel brands in the 5-star standard.

Stylish shopping

Besides shopping stores and shophouses in the centre of Sonasea Van Don Harbor City, guests can buy customized sculptures or indulge in a souvenir paradise. Guests don’t have to go outside, they have a miniature Van Don to shop at the resort.

Discovery JOURNEY


A trekking trip or discovering the mountain trails experience is only in Van Don. Guest will have unforgettable experience at Sonasea Van Don Harbor City.Guests can visit the local villages and admire the scenery.


Quan Lan Island with its rich and varied cuisine and thousands of excellent experiences for tourists. Explore the hidden beauty with the local people will definitely help visitors have the emotional level of fullness.

dive and see coral

Explore the hidden beauty on the island of Ngoc Vung – the island with the blue sea, pristine and extremely fresh, make a trip full exploration, close to nature.